Vera Kopetz - an artist for Mecklenburg

Wandgemälde Kopetz


The mural: Fruits of Mecklenburg

In 1958, the mural "Fruits of Mecklenburg" has been uncovered in the cultural house of Mestlin. It decorated a wall in the lobby. Kinderbilder It's unbelievable that it became a "victim" of the "modernization" of the cultural house in the early nineties. Iconoclasm in our times. The mural did not fit to a disco in the cultural house, more accurately to a Joyce - Disco - Palace. Temporarily, a few children's drawings cover the former place of the mural.

Vera Kopetz

Vera Kopetz Vera Kopetz was born in 1910 in St. Petersburg. From 1914 on, she spent her childhood in Lausanne. After the First World War, her family moved first to Weimar and in 1928 to Berlin. She became a job where she touched-up old paintings. Artistically she developed herself further in the Reiman - School of applied arts. At the age of twenty, she married the photographer Edmund Kopetz. During the Second World War, the family, Vera had two sons, was bombed out in Berlin. She moved to Neubrandenburg.

In 1945/46, the artistic work in Schwerin began. Vera Kopetz gets a first job in Ludwigslust. In 1948, she takes part in exhibitions in Güstrow and Rostock. In the same year, she becomes a member of the Union of Fine Artists of Germany. She gets to know painters from Usedom. In the years from 1950 till 1955, Vera takes part in the district exhibition in Schwerin. In 1956, she finishes first silk-screen prints. During a summer-stay in Usedom she extends her relationships with the residential circle of artists. In the same year, she receives the Fritz - Reuter - Art Award.

In 1968, Vera takes up a second home in Ückeritz in Usedom, ten years later she gives up her apartment in Schwerin and moves to Ückeritz for good. In 1986, she receives the Hans - Grundig - Medal from the Union of Fine Artists. To celebrate her 80th birthday there was a big exhibition in the State Museum in Schwerin.

In 1998, Vera Kopetz dies shortly before reaching the age of 88 in Ückeritz.

Vera Kopetz had a number of single exhibition is Northern Germany. She took part in exhibitions in all parts of Germany, but also in London, Helsinki and Stockholm. Her works can be seen in countless museums and public facilities, such as the State Museum in Schwerin, the museum in Wolgast, the National Galery in Berlin, a mosaic in the school for deaf in Güstrow, mosaics in the stairways of of the school in Bernitt, the colored artistical development of the theatre in Güstrow, frescos, plaster cuts, restauration works in churches, film theatres and cultural houses.Just not in the cultural house of Mestlin, anymore.

Further information about Vera Kopetz on the website

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