The History of Mestlin

Mestlin looks back on a very eventful history. Back during the settlement by peasants from Holstein, Lower Saxony and Westphalia in the 12th / 13th century it seems to have been a bigger village. Important contracts are being signed in this place. Like many other villages in Mecklenburg, Mestlin also suffered during the Thirty-Years-War. And after World War II. But then a stormy development, that's unusual for a village in this area starts. After the opening of the Wall, however, Mestlin becomes similar to other villages again.

The history of Mestlin has experienced two crucial events: the end of the Thirty-Years-War - the number of inhabitants was reduced to much less than before the war, and the end of World War II: the number of inhabitants doubled.

The history of Mestlin is being divided accordingly into three parts. The first part lasts from the Stone Age till the end of the Thirty-Years-War. In a document from October 9th, 1312 Mestlin is being mentioned for the first time. A stony witness of the times is the church of Mestlin, built around 1250.

The second part lasts from 1648 till 1945. It takes a long time, till all of the destruction of the Thirty-Years-War can be overcome. One war follows the other, Mecklenburg is just about always only the suffering third party. Mestlin starts developing into a typical manor village in these times. Here some pictures from the beginning of the 20th century.

After the ending of World War II, the number of inhabitants in Mecklenburg, as well as in Mestlin, doubles due to immigrants from East Prussia, Schlesien and Pommerania. A hard reconstruction takes place. Mestlin is becoming a special village: facts from the part between 1945 till now prove the development of a socialist model village, and after the opening of the wall they document the difficulties to keep the hard-earned.

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